An 'A' PAPER - Has excellent organization, analysis, style, and is free of errors.
Organization: Well organized with an excellent introductory paragraph, clear and specific thesis, body paragraphs that follow the
SPA/SOAP format, and an excellent closing paragraph.
Proof: Excellent use of specific references to the text that support the thesis and are cited properly.
Analysis: Contains perceptive interpretation of the proof that is free of plot summary; ideas are expressed with clarity and skill. Skillfully
addresses the “what,” the “how,” and the “why.”
Style: Well-written, with pleasing sentence variety, good sentence structure, and precise/original word choice.
Mechanics: No errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Format: Exactly follows MLA formatting rules

A 'B' PAPER - Meets the assignment but seems general and mechanical.
Organization: Follows the SPA/SOAP format, has an introduction and conclusion, but thesis may be weak.
Proof: Contains references to the text, but they may be superficial or vague; uses correct citation method.
Analysis: Commentary is too general, but contains some analysis; may miss the “how” and the “why.”
Style: Little sentence variety, but adequate sentence structure.
Mechanics: May have some, but not serious, errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Format: Mostly follows MLA formatting rules

A 'C' PAPER - Weak writing skills, less effective organization, inadequate development, and/or serious omissions.
Organization: Shows some sense of organization, but thesis is imprecise or paragraph order may be ineffective. Doesn’t
correctly follow the SPA/SOAP format, and introduction and/or conclusion may be weak.
Proof: Contains some supporting evidence, but it is insufficient, irrelevant, or awkwardly incorporated;
wrong citation method.
Analysis: Analysis and commentary is weak, superficial, inaccurate, or unclear. Content may be
plot summary as opposed to analysis, or is underdeveloped. Response fails to adequately address the topic.
Style: Little sentence variety, sentence structure errors, use of “I,” “you,” etc.; generic, ineffective, and/or repetitive word choice.
Mechanics: Many errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and mechanics; little evidence of proofreading.
Format: Several errors; does not completely follow MLA formatting rules

A 'D' PAPER - A paper that is unacceptably brief or incoherently long, full of mechanical errors, or not on topic.
Organization: Does not follow the SPA/SOAP format; imprecise thesis; very weak intro and conclusion.
Proof: Very little, if any, textual support; if present it is unacceptably vague and not cited.
Analysis: Plot summary and/or paraphrase substitute for commentary and analysis; not clear or coherent.
Style: Little sentence variety and distracting errors in sentence structure.
Mechanics: Very many errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and mechanics; no evidence of proofreading.
Format: Does not follow MLA formatting rules

An 'F' PAPER - A response that is no more than a reference to the task.

0 (Zero) The assignment was not passed in.