Use this checklist as a guide when you REVISE your writing.

Remember: When you revise, you are making changes to the content until your writing says what you want it to say.


_ Have I written about my topic in a way that is important, interesting, & relevant?
_ Do I have a clear a thesis statement?
_ Have I included enough details (EVIDENCE/QUOTES) to support my thesis?


_ Does my writing follow a clear pattern of organization?
_ Have I developed effective opening, body, and closing paragraphs?
_ Do I need to rearrange any parts of the essay so it has “flow”?


_ Does my voice/style fit the purpose of my writing? Is it natural and honest?
_ Do I sound interested in AND knowledgeable about my topic?


_ Have I used an appropriate level of formality in my writing?
_ Do I use specific nouns and descriptive verbs?
_ Does my writing avoid unneeded repetition and redundancies?
_ Have I used the most correct/proper words? Do I have good “word-choice”?


_ Are my sentences complete and clearly written?
_ Do my sentences flow smoothly, even when read out loud?
___ Have I varied my sentence beginnings and varied length to my sentences?